You don’t need help processing your thoughts, you are processing them all the time. 
Instead, you need help taking a break from it.

But …

here’s the thing…

Sometimes taking a break is hard…

Especially if…

  • You’re like me and you were conditioned your whole life to work hard
  • Maybe you have been taught that taking a break is lazy and therefore as an adult you feel guilty whenever you take breaks
  • Or maybe you were taught that overthinking will keep you safe.

So its hard to stop it.

So why does this happen?

Why as an adult is it so difficult to stop the negative thoughts?


The majority of our day is unconscious. 
In fact, 80% of your thoughts today were just repeated from yesterday.

And all these negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits started (generally) in childhood. Because this was when your brain developed its unconscious patterns.

Before the age of 12, the brain hasn’t developed its ability to reject information. This means your brain was a sponge absorbing everything around you.

This can be great in some ways.

It’s the reason you can read this email without having to think about every letter or think about when to take pause between words. We just do it naturally now.

(Thanks to the subconscious brain and our childhood programing)

This is the same with speaking, walking, talking, driving a car, cooking… the list goes on.

The reality is if we had to think about all those little tiny details every single day the brain wouldn’t be able to cope.


But it also has its downside.


By not being able to reject information this means we also absorbed all the negative things too.

Such as low self-worth, bad money habits, crappy beliefs…


It’s the reason you might struggle to take a break. 


It’s the reason your brain runs a rampage with negative thoughts.


  • Perhaps your parents taught you that working hard is fundamental.
  • Perhaps you were taught to overanalyze everything to stay in control.
  • Perhaps you were taught that taking breaks is lazy.
  • Or maybe you had to be constantly alert for survival.


The good news is that you can release any belief, habit or programming that you have that you don’t want.


And the results from this a miraculous! Check out my beautiful reviews.

This is what I help clients to do!
It’s a method called “Root Cause Therapy.”

The name comes from the metaphor of a weed.

You can mow the lawn but you’ll find the weed will keep growing back unless you get it at the roots. This is why people sometimes feel like they are to getting anywhere with traditional counseling.

If you want to feel lighter, calmer, free, and relaxed you have to heal the problem where it started. You have to heal it at the roots.



Here is how it works: 

Step 1: Identifying the root cause of the problem.

I use the sway test to do this. The sway test is like a lie detector. Its not scary, it’s just a way of finding out what the underlying problem is.

Because our thoughts can lie to us but our body can’t.

The sway test works because our bodies subtly sway one way for true answers and one way for false answers. (Crazy huh!!)

If you want you can try it now.

Stand up and relax the body. Do a couple of deep breaths.

Make sure you are facing north (you can use a compass on your phone to do this). Before we get started I just want you to imagine your feet are stuck in the ground.
Try and feel grounded, relaxed and calm.

Do a few more deep breaths..

Now let’s begin. 

Now, we calibrate it…


Try saying out loud “My name is [your name]”

And see if you can notice a very subtle sway. 

Now try “I am 10 years old.” And see what you notice.


You should notice that your body sways one way for true and another way for false. 


If you can’t notice it yet try a few more statements to calibrate it.

Ok, once you have done that it’s time to uncover some deeply rooted issues.


Try saying out loud..

“I am worthy of love”

“I am heard”

“I am safe in this world” 


And see which way your body sways for each belief.


If you’re liking this click here to book a session.


Step 2: Root Cause Therapy

In the session, I’ll get you into a safe meditative state. Then guide you to go to the first event that created that belief (its roots) so that we can release and heal it.

It’s important to go to the very first event otherwise the problem won’t be healed and will keep showing up in your life.


If you’re liking this click here to book a healing session.


If you don’t want to book a session just yet, I’m not going to leave you stranded!


Here is a self-healing method:

Step 1: Choose a negative belief to focus on from before

Step 2: Ask yourself “Is this fundamentally true?”

Step 3: Go on a tangent speaking or journaling about why it is untrue. By doing this you essentially scramble the belief in the brain, making it less concrete. Then the belief can be released from the body.

Once the belief is released from the body you will not have that limitation anymore.
You’ll also be freed from the daily negative thoughts that were associated with it.


Important to know!!

  • The body’s natural state is joy, peace, and love. No one is born with these negative thoughts, habits, and beliefs. Instead, what happens is we go through life experiencing certain people and events that cause us to believe certain things about ourselves and the world.
  • Beliefs absolutely shape our lives. For example, if someone believes “I am not worthy of love” they will never seek it. Or they will never seek a healthy relationship…
    Because why would you seek something you don’t think is possible? (This is all unconscious behavior by the way. No one is intentionally doing this)
  • Lastly know that you are absolutely worthy of all your dreams, desires, and anything you have your heart set on. The reality is we live in a society that puts certain expectations and pressures on us that make us sad and stressed. Healing is simply releasing painful beliefs from the body. And when this happens we naturally start to feel more like ourselves again.


Until next time, 



Much love

Jacqui Hutton


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