The Wealthy Therapist – Module 1



What are your beliefs?

> I am not good enough

> I am not good at sales

> I am not good at making money

> I deserve to fail

> Business is hard

> Life is hard

> I am not worthy of earning lots of money

> I have to struggle to be wealthy

> I am good with money

> Money is evil

> Money causes problems

> I need to prove myself

> It is safe to have more money than my family

> I fear paying more tax

> I feel guilty when people pay me

> I will be judged negatively if I am wealthy

> I am worthy of success

> I am scared of failure

> Its safe to be me

> I can meet my own needs

> I love myself

> I need approval

> Custom belief: ________________________________________________

> Custom belief: ________________________________________________

> Custom belief: ________________________________________________

> Custom belief: ________________________________________________


Release the beliefs using journaling: 

> Write the belief at the top of the page 

> Ask yourself “where is this coming from?”

> Ask yourself “is this ultimately true”

> Ask yourself “What is a belief I choose to have instead?”



If you know of another modality to release beliefs you can use that instead of journaling. It does not matter how you choose to release a belief. 

Always remember to approach beliefs work with love and compassion for yourself. If you approach it from the attitude of “theres something wrong in me” or “my beliefs are stupid” you’ll find it difficult to find resolve.