How to Treat Anxiety and Depression
with Root-Cause Therapy

Hi there,

I’m Jacqui a therapist at Hutton therapy. 

Do you ever feel…

Sudden overwhelm or notice a feeling of desperation within your body, that causes you to freeze either at work or at home 

or Do you Dread going out to the Shops or Social Events, and can actually feel a nervous feeling in your body?

Do you experience Shame, Guilt or Anger about interactions with other people, even if you did nothing wrong or even if a negative encounter with someone wasn’t your fault? 

Do you find yourself reaching for Addictions, such as Food, Alcohol or other Coping Mechanisms, and wonder why therapeutic grounding techniques don’t seem to Cure You of your Negative Feelings as well as they should? 

This is normal. 

Most people won’t admit or won’t talk about an issue that could draw the wrong attention to them, or doesn’t make them appear strong and resilient to their social group.

But there is a way of curing these issues from the Root Cause. If your nervous system is disregulated, then you don’t need a better disguise to mask your symptoms.

What you need is Root Cause Therapy. 

Imagine your symptoms like weeds. 

Anyone who has Tended to their garden by mowing or cutting the weeds will relate to this. 

No matter how many times you mow your garden, weeds always grow back. 

Now let’s relate weeds to Anxiety or Depression Symptoms. 

No matter how well people Mask their condition, and no matter how often people use grounding techniques (which often work great in the short term, until they stop working or people forget to use the grounding techniques every day) the symptoms always come back. 

Because, just like weeds, you need to get to the roots if you’re ready for permanent change. 

Imagine feeling so safe in your own body and your own mind, that you can be yourself without having to mask symptoms in public, or doubt every decision about Work, Money, Family or Friends. 

Are you ready to treat the Root Cause?

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At Hutton Therapy, we help you to get to the root cause so that you can experience the life that you’ve been working for.

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The program includes 

– 8 weekly sessions of Therapy Online with Video call 

– The sessions are 60-90 minutes each

The price is $150 per session.

Most clients feel relief and a sense of calmness by the second session.

Plus if you don’t feel better by the end of the 8 sessions, 
we will give you another 8 sessions for free.

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