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I live in Melbourne Australia and currently run sessions online. My favourite things in life are my dog, Bailey, going for walks on the beach and playing sport.

Like many others, I too have experienced some of life’s painful trials. It was using NLP, RCT, and Hypnosis that I was able to break free.

It is because of these experiences that I was inspired to learn the same techniques to help others get you through any situation, even if they have struggled for years.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How confidential is it?

The therapy is completely confidential. So you can be secure knowing that anything you share in the sessions will remain confidential. Before you begin there is also a wavier to sign for your security.

Q. How does it work?

We work with you in getting to the underlying root cause of the mental health concerns you currently have. Once we find and release the cause we can see a reduction in symptoms along with the need for destructive coping mechanisms.

Most clients find that negative thought patterns stop or dramatically reduce, their energy is better than ever and they don’t have a need for unhealthy habits. 

Q. How does the session run?

The session is divided into 2 parts. The first part is similar to traditional therapy where we talk about your problem. The second part involves a light hypnotic trance where we dive deep into discovering the root cause of the issues. When you find the root cause you can heal the problem.

We use a metaphor to explain it. Imagine your life is like a garden. This garden has weeds from negative experiences you have been through. The weeds sabotage any growth and cause you to feel stuck and exhausted. 

Traditional therapy involves mowing the lawn and talking about the problem at the surface level. We find this isn’t enough on its own because weeds will just grow back. 

This is why we combine traditional therapy with Root Cause Therapy to give you quick relief and long-lasting change. 

Q. Whats the difference between this and traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy can be great for some people. It can involve talking about the problem, and sometimes putting labels on things and medications. Root Cause Therapy is about the subconscious mind and finding the root cause of the problem. When you find the root cause you can heal the problem. 

Q. I am scared about diving deep into the root cause..

You are totally safe. We are only doing this for the purpose of healing any issues you have. 

Q. Which therapist should I work with?

All Hutton Therapists have the same high-level training.

The session structure has been based on thousands of clients. It has been proven to get clients incredible results consistently.

We suggest that you make the choice based on who you think you would have a rapport with. Or we are happy to match you with a therapist.